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Dr G. Balamurali is a well known spinal neurosurgeon in Chennai with more than 17 years of experience in neuro and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Meet Your Doctor Immediately If You Are Facing These

Neck pain and Back pain are a result of issues with the nervous system. It could be as simple as a nerve under pressure, or a decreased flow in the blood and often goes away in a day or two. But in severe cases, when the pain is chronic and does not quickly disappear, the probability of it being a degenerative disease still exists. This could only be diagnosed and treated at the right time by a physician if intervened appropriately.

Chronic Symptoms That Requires Immediate Attention

Back or neck pain that doesn't let you sleep at night is the one that should get checked at the earliest. It might even get worse when you are lying down to rest. Although it may not be the threat to life as we know it, you should visit your physician if a fever is accompanied by it. These could be a sign of infections in the nervous system such as meningitis. Chronic pains are often symptoms of many neurological disorders and deserve the need to be checked out at the earliest.

In people of ages over 50, there is a high potential for pain in the back or neck. In women, this increase is around the phase near menopause. Ageing is often accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and thereby an increase in obesity levels. In the case of people whose body mass index is above 30, there is a high chance of getting back pains. For women over 50, doctors prescribe a set of treatment protocols that include physical therapy and weight management.

Chances Of Complexity

Cancer history often pushes the body to have back or neck pain. Cancer exerts pressure on blood vessels, organs and nerves. This eventually leads to other chronic diseases such as rectum, ovary or colon cancers. The signs of cancers are not prevalent until the tumours grow considerably. In case of a sudden back or neck pain occurs, it should be analyzed thoroughly. It has to be checked whether it happened following a recent trauma from an accident or fall. Spine injury often takes time to surface after a fall or an accident and should not be taken lightly. Meet your physician in this case, and get thoroughly diagnosed. It helps in getting treated better and a speedy recovery. It is highly advised to check with your doctor and decide on treatment options accordingly.

Symptoms That Need Immediate Diagnosis

Few disc problems often have the symptom of leg pains when lifted. The issues vary from a Herniated disc to even degenerative diseases. Weakness or tingling sensation in legs during walking is a precursor to spinal stenosis, and the symptoms are called neurogenic claudication. In case of such experiences, meet your doctor at the earliest.

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