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Dr G. Balamurali is a well known spinal neurosurgeon in Chennai with more than 17 years of experience in neuro and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Excellent Treatment From Neuro Specialist In Chennai

Neurological Disorders And Causes

Neurological disorders, unlike cancer and viral infections, are one of the most uncertain and frightening illnesses known to mankind. Most of the illness once cured will give a full and complete recovery to the patient letting them go back to normal life. It is not the same with neurological diseases. A brain stroke patient can be paralyzed for the rest of their life. Even when recovered, the patient might have to go through physical ailments lifelong. In most of the cases, there is nothing like full recovery in neurological disorders. 

Any dysfunction caused to the brain or the nervous system is a neurological disorder. The brain and nervous system is the most complex system in our body and it is not easy to say what else can go wrong with it. The causes can vary from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart dysfunction and more. 

Treatment For Neurological Disorders

Based on the severity of cases, the treatment pattern will vary. Neurological disorder can lead to loss of body function and may require therapies and rehabilitation for a long term. Therapies include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, pain management and medication. Lifestyle changes are required to prevent the impact of prevailing conditions. Physical therapy will help restore some functions. Cognitive behaviour therapy will help patients to focus on their disability and reorienting their behaviour and thought to overcome the condition.

CBT has an increased effect in treating mood disorders, ADHD, and anxiety caused due to physical ailment. There are other therapies employed for patients recovering from brain injury, degenerative brain diseases or a stroke. This includes administering medications like neuroleptics, chlorpromazine and haloperidol or simple analgesics like opiates, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Medication will help prevent worsening of a patient's condition and also restore some functions. Any treatment to be more effective, the ailment will have to be detected early. It may not always be easy as diseases like brain stroke seldom have any symptoms and degenerative brain diseases will leave us with little or no rational thinking. 

Best Rehab And Treatment Facilities

Some of the best neuro specialists in Chennai are based out of several rehab and treatment facilities. Neurological treatment centers focus their attention on treatable disorders. Rehab facilities help patients gain life skills required to live a balanced and healthy life. Residential facilities for neurological disorders will have a lot of benefits. The change in environment will have a lot of effect. The clinic staff will have complete control over the patient and the doctors are available anytime. 

Luxury neurological treatment facilities will provide resort-like amenities with inpatient care. The relocation from home will be sweetened by the numerous facilities they offer. An executive neurological treatment program is of great help for those who are suffering from behavioural impairments like process or substance addiction. This is a treatment program that addresses the clinical needs and quickly gets them back to their families and jobs. For patients who cannot afford such inpatient care, outpatient rehabilitation facilities will be of great help.

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